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  Let me introduce you to Critter Haven. We are a last stop sanctuary for used and abused exotic and unwanted animals. Whether they are fish, birds, reptiles or mammals, we offer permanent homes that cannot be provided by local shelters. Our residents' enclosures and environments are designed to meet their specific needs and exceed state standards of care and medical assistance.

  Our beginning was very humble when I brought home a land hermit crab for my late wife. Shortly after, we were given two zebra finches which turned into a dozen. Then two ferrets were dropped off. Within a few years our house and yard were wall to wall with animals. We became aware it was time to set up a state of the art sanctuary on ten acres. We designed an aviary, herpetarium, and paddocks for hoofstock and tortoises. Later a maintainance building, a free flight, and a laboratory for medical needs were added.

  At Critter Haven there is always constant construction and expansion in order to meet the needs of these wonderful creatures.

Please take a moment to watch our short introduction video, just click play: